Grills – by Da Kaptenz Krooe

Big MT, Las Monph, Big N’ Tasty, MC Junky Junk
Rob the Weber store and tell ’em get me a grill
With da whole top porcelain, the bottom row tin

We about to start the cookout with this one
Ya’ll know what meat dis is…Eye…of….Round!

Got turkey down at the bottom, 4 cuts of pork at the top
To make ‘em cool down and set, I put on ice cube blocks
If I could call it a meal, call it some meat on da rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like Weber, Ducane man, traditions don’t change
I’m changin’ grills every day, like Dogg’s gotta bang ,
I might be grilled out nicely (oh) with my Affinity (oh),
on South Beach (oh) in my wife beater
Gotta roast it or smoke it, yeah you can tell when they cut it
Ya see my competitors hate it, but my dogs they all love it
’cause when I…
Open up the top, the grill’s steamin’ (say what)
Now I gotta take a break from the grillin’

I got a grill I call penny candy you know
What that mean? It’s worth Now ‘n Laters, gum’ drops, jelly beans
But I wouldn’t leave it for nothin’ only a crazy man would
Then if you catch me in ya city, somewhere out in ya hood just say…

Now wait a minute son
What you lookin’ at?
Let me see your grill boy
Let you see my what?
The, the grill boy, the, the grill boy…
Rob da Weber store and tell ‘em get me a grill
He said
Now wait a minute son
What you lookin at?
I wanna see your grill boy
You wanna see my what?
The, the grill boy, the, the grill boy…
I’ve got the whole top porcelain, the bottom row’s tin

What it do baby
It’s da grill man Big MT
I got my grill up there in my SUV
I got da meat and da fruit all grilled to death
Yeah I might kill my lungs baby if I take a deep breath
My grill gleaming like the sun’s hittin’ the aluminum foil
While I’m showin’ off my grill sippin’ on a lite Petrol.
I put my money where my mouth is and took my grill
To da monthly competition to let ’em know I’m so fo’ real
My motivation is the bank, the 30 grand prize money
Yeah tha piece will simply symbolize success baby.
I got da smell here and cookware dat’s captivatin’
But it’s my spare ribs dat got these on-lookers spectatin’
My PAM spray simply certified the total package
Open up the grill and you see nothin’ stickin’ to the rack.
My grills are mind blowin’ givin everybody chills,
Call me George Foreman ’cause I’m sellin’ everybody grills.


Monph got dem T-Bones, got dem fishies, got dem ribs,
Marinade gon’ hit ‘em, make you woozy in ya head.
You can catch me with my Weber Summit
Baby that grill gleams like Tasty’s elf Pit.

What it do it’s da foo
Junky Junk country grammar baby,
Where da grillers grill alligators
and da judge’s bang hamma’s baby,
When I enter you can spot me
At the competition in May
Got pineapple on the grill like I’m Bobby Flay

I ain’t dissin’ nobody but let’s bring it to da light (cause)
Monph was da first wit’ his grill gleaming white (that’s right)
These joes can’t focus, can’t compete with me
While I’m sippin’ on petrol baby, you can watch ‘em leave

I got fo’ different grills it’s a fabulous thang
Two Viking, two Ducane, like Flay’s restaurant chains
and the other sets the chain, Big N Tasty in the mold

With the whole top porcelain, the bottom row’s tin

Boy how’d you get your grill that way and
How much did you pay
Every time I see you
Tha first thing I’m gon’ say is hey…


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