The Woman

She’s the kind of woman

That hates to hang around.

Likes to see her dresses billow in the wind.

Likes to listen to the sounds.

And she’s the kind of woman

That likes to see things through.

Keeps us all behind leathery skin.

To keep out me and you.

You wouldn’t know this by her smile.

Yellow and white juxtaposed like clouds wrapped around sunshine.

People flock to sunshine. She’s always making friends.

They need her to survive, just as she needs them.

It’s been this way forever. It’s easier than you think.

Easy like her smile. But she hates her crooked teeth.

Her birthdays come with demons.

They come with gifts of smiles and love.

Angel wings and simple things.

But it’s never, ever enough.

She believed in light,

She believed in innocence.

All until the killing of her own.

Kill it all away, she begged.

That’s what she tells herself.

It’s what makes it all okay

As she rides these roads in search of hope.

She’s a bargain, they say.

She’s been used so many times, her value’s next to none.

She’s on loan, hoping for someone to come and own her.

Someone who’s willing to pay with their innocence,

And not a cent over.

She cleans house while she waits, she’s the maid to all the stars.

She’ll watch TV in someone else’s living room in someone else’s chair.

Waiting for the winning gamble to take her away from here.

She’s always been a loser.

Constantly sitting, waiting, and wishing.

Clutching her last dollar as tightly as her dreams.

The second she lets it go, it falls apart at the seams.

It crumbles like old leaves.

As she stands, she bends

And breaks. The hole inside her she can’t fill up.

No matter how hard she tries with liquid and smoke.

I’ll cut myself open to fill up that hole.

I want to see that beauty, can’t you see that it’s there?

How she can be put out by so many, yet still hold on to hope.

How she hides her worst behind a mask,

What she was taught to get by in this world.

Maybe that’s why I love her enough to hold on.

Insides dangling from my chest, ready to break.

No longer mine, they line paper walls with her photographs.

She has nowhere to go.

Isolation has claimed her.

She learns to guard her heart as she pledges.

Grab the wind as it goes.

Wherever it goes, wherever she goes,

I’ll always go with her.

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