Thank you for your interest in me! I am a freelance Creative Writer who has worked on everything from short films, to music videos for local rap artists, to poetry and prose for publications across the United States (and even one in India), to of course writing for fun and expression since 2008.

I am also a 2014 graduate with honors from the University of California in Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing. While there, I spent a lot of my free time gaining exposure and practice on an Open Mic circuit through locations like Back To The Grind, Redlands Underground, and Cellar Door.

  • Read The Scientist (2). Said the emcee of Back To The Grind’s Open Mic, “I’m not just reading about death here, I feel like I’m going through it with you.”
  • Read The Distance Between Two Points (3). Said the emcee of Augie’s Coffee House’s Open Mic, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a performance like that before. Is Woody okay?”

Some of my more recognized words are as follows:

  • Read The Woman, published in the 2012 Bravura Literary Journal, and winner of its Second Prize in Poetry. Said Elizabeth Moreno, “I want this to be read at my funeral.”
  • Read Yellowthroat, published in U-Special, a 2014 anthology distributed by Poet’s Corner. Said Allison Hedge Coke, “It’s indeed like Hemingway’s come back to life.”
  • Read Pale Raven, published in the 2011 Bravura Literary Journal. Said my mom, “Did you really need to use the f-word?”

As well as all that, I currently have an audience of hundreds across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, guaranteeing reach when it comes time to distribute new content.