How old are you? I’m twenty-seven years old.

What do you do? I’m not content to just let Childish Gambino rest on his laurels – screenwriting, poetry, prose, and a few things outside of writing as well. Currently, I’m working on a commissioned music video and a short film of my own.

If I want your help, what will you charge me? Rates for any project will be discussed and agreed upon once the actual project has been laid out and before work begins – but I give you my word that I will be as fair as I can be, all circumstances (and experience levels) considered. No matter what, I will be dedicated to working with you to make sure you’re happy with what I provide.

What kind of benefits will I see? Quality work delivered on time. Let me reiterate some facts that I have already shared:

  • I currently have an audience of hundreds across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, guaranteeing reach when it comes time to promote new content.
  • I have had work published in literary journals across the United States, and even one in India!
  • I am also a 2014 graduate with honors from the University of California in Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing. While there, I spent a lot of my free time gaining exposure and practice on an Open Mic circuit through locations like Back to the Grind, Redlands Underground, and Cellar Door.

So, not only will you have a sizable audience right off the bat (that you won’t be paying for), you’ll also have someone recognized with the experience in multiple different writing styles and voices by your side. Funny or serious content (or both, why not) in whatever voice is required. AP or MLA style. You can bet I know how to get it done.

What kind of experience do you have? Still a fledgling in a lot of things, but I’m always making an effort to learn something new. Right now: Editing, Camerawork, Writing, Pixel Art, and 3D Modeling.

You’re new to this industry. Why should I consider you over someone who’s already established themselves? I will never argue that any other writer you may know is wholly less deserving of your consideration. However, my youth affords me something I can offer you that someone more seasoned is not able to: A fresh perspective and will to learn as a priority. Above all, being creative is one of the coolest jobs in the world, and I’m more than happy just doing that.